strThe start-up community is alive and thriving in New York.

It's true in today's global environment it really doesn't matter where you are in the world - connectivity is everywhere and around every corner.

That is why conferences such as Foundermade a collaborative of people that believe in community - sharing and inspiring each other have created a conference where entrepreneaurs from all industry sectors from beauty, lifestyle to travel can come together and share their inventions and dreams with a like minded community in the epicenter of it all New York.

Founders of truly groundbreaking wellness companies from all over America come to this event to learn, share, network and inspire eachother.

Here is a glimpse into the Foundermade conference that focused on "Wellness" - this event took place at Spring Studios, New York.

Stay tuned as they also do conferences on "Food", "Beauty" and "Travel"

I had such a great time intrviewing these amazing wellness entrepreneurs

Here is a sneak peak into the conference and these amazing founders that are building our wellness future!

Here is my interview with Tangram Factory President - Joen Choe

This is the most incredible smart rope technology - by Tangram Factory - it's the true tech evolution of a classic

This woman has the most innovative no-fuss hair care solution on the market - it's called Aquis a natural hair care solution alternative to blow drying your hair that can leave it damaged and limp - this miracle product is the first towel designed just for your hair and is guaranteed to make if feel like new!

These two are not only a loving married couple but also partners in business. They have a range of aromatherapy products that also repel nasty insects - have a bug-free life thanks to Aromaflage

Here is my interview with the foounders of Aromaflage Mikey and Momo

Stay tuned as I will be bringing more content to you from this amazing conference series!!!

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