Purple Colors

It's not often you meet someone that not only inspires you but makes you aware of the courageous human spirit.

Meet Carlita Hodges - former Celebrity Basketball Wife and Author. Carlita Hodges, is coming forward to candidly recount her abusive marriage in an effort to help other women understand the warning signs, mental abuse and dangers associated with being involved with an unhealthy relationship.

The Purple Bottom Foundation was founded by Carlita as another vehicle to empower, educate and equip women on the warning signs of abusive relationships and to shed light on this global problem - domestic violence knows no borders.

I recently attended the Purple Bottom Foundation event in Beverly Hills and got to meet Carlita and meet some truly incredible domestic violence survivors that were strong enough to share their stories to help others.

This guy gave a powerful and moving speech - having faced adversity and rised above it - his name is Devonric Jonson and he has a company called Brothers by Choice - set up to help other at-risk kids seek their potential through hard work and dedication.

This girl was brave enough to share with us all firsthand the struggle and near death experience she endured due to domestic violence - she was lucky to survive and we are so so lucky to have her with us today!

champagne fountain did not go unnoticed!

such an inspiring event to hear first hand the courageous stories of so many!

Domestic violence is something that unfortunately effects every community

IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, CALL 911 or contact the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-7233 and TTY (800) 787-3224.

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