Talkin all that Next Gen

Ever wondered who is behind the awesome giphy site or how you create a multi-million dollar company?

....or how you solve gun related violence in the US?

Then you need to meet the following three people!

Kieran O'Reily - Founder of Giphy

Kim Kaupe - Founder of Zinepak

Kai Kloepher - Founder of AEgen Technologies

Stay tuned for my extensive coverage of Next Gen Summit -

Watch this video to see what all the tech hype is about :)

making sure my hair is camera ready! Journalist life!

Ok I was now ready for the summit!

first up were the fine fresh folks of Fresh Prints - the company that customizes all your fashion needs!

Here is my interview with them

This company is seriously rad too - it's called Patos and you customize your shoe designs!

Some other notable entrepreneurs of the day were - Kim Kaupe of ZinePak incentiziing fans everywhere!

Here is my interview with Kim

Another Girl Boss was Stacy Ferreira of Forge - the uber of work schedules - no more trying to fit your life to work - thanks to this amazing start up your work life can work around your social life - choose the hours you work when you want to work!

Here is my interview with Stacey

This guy Doug Messer has reimagined brand ambassador programs at universities with his company University Beyond

Doug is a charismatic guy - endless energy!

Here is my interview with Doug

Ok now this guy Kai Kloepher is one of the most fascinating and talented people i have interviewed - he has created a gun that needs your fingerprint in order for it to activate - this is huge technology and innovation as countless accidental gun deaths happen daily due to guns getting into the wrong hands of people - Kai's technology could change all this!

Also a charming gentleman!

If you're looking for developers to bring your next big idea to life then look no further than VentureStorm

These guys have reimagined the whiteboard - meet Thinkboard

This guy has an awesome shampoo startup and yes he is only 16!

ever wanted to met a real politician - here you go....introducing Montana Representative Daniel Zolnikov

Stay tuned for my interviews with these young entrepreneur stars!!!

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