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There are SO many films in the world and not very often do the trailers really represent or capture the true essence of a film.

This trailer however caught my attention - not only because it has two of my fave actors in it - Naomi Watts and Matthew McConaughey - and it's also by one of my fave filmmakers Gus Van Sant - but mainly because it captures a films storyline in a compelling and immersive manner. And leaves you wanting to see more - what a good trailer is designed to do!

However the movie is well disappointing to say the least - so I guess the trailer did it's job!!

Experience the trailer for yourself below - yes and pre-warning it's a story of the human spirit and finding light from darkness

Gus Van Sant is the pinnacle of the indie-filmmaker - he doesn't make films for blockbuster success but rather to shed light on the human condition. I'm the first to admit that some of this films feel almost unbearable to watch - for instance "Last Days" the story of Kurt Cobain's last days is slow paced to say the least and feels as though nothing happens but what Gus does is tell true stories - not just stories for sensationalism.

The Sea Of Trees


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