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I'm excited to announce that I'm officially a MEZZI ambassador

Now if you're anything like me and you're always on the GO and somehow despite remembering to call your best friend - go to the gym and walk your dawgie all whilst planning your next BIG biz promotion you somehow STILL wake up in the morning with a dead phone

Yes the old "dead phone" battery leaves you feeling well less than prepared for your super hectic day ahead - well what if I told you'll that I'd found a solution and a stylish solution too!

Meet MEZZI - trust me this will soon be your next best friend - it's a wearables fashion brand that looks good on the outside but most importantly it's what on the inside that counts!

Phone Charger

Bluetooth Speaker

In-Bag Illumination

Call notification

and my fave - Genuine leather

What's even better if you order online you can use my code JANUARYDIARIES to receive 25% off your next purchase

Here are just some of my personal MEZZI faves!!

Perfect for that special night out - no excuses to not turn up to your HOT date on time - no dead phone excuses here :)

I also love how these bags are so versatile too - from day -to - night - MEZZI has you covered

Office look complete too!

Super practical and stylish!

And most importantly at the end of the day/night you can throw your handbag down without having to worry if your phone battery is charging - rest assured tomorrow morning when you wake you will have a full battery and stylish bag to get the day started right!

My fashion dreams have come true - thank you MEZZI - Be sure to visit the MEZZI online store and enter the code JANUARYDIARIES to receive 25% off your next purchases!

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