Music From the Heart

When it comes to elevating your heart rate the best way possible - electronic music offers the perfect remedy

As you know I recently traveled to Salzburg, Austria to experience the best electronic music and festival vibes in the world - yas it was electric love

I was lucky enough to interview some incredible DJ's too including Dirtcaps, Alan Walker, LNY TNZ and more - check out all my exclusive interviews here

Big shoutout to Teknoclash for my interview and connecting me to his amazing DJ family

feeling all the love

ok hold onto your hats people because I'm about to interview Alan Walker - yas folks that's right little ole January got an exclusive with the young Norwegian man himself!

pretty happy to meet this champ! #AlanWalker in da house

peacing out in the press interview area :)

I'm pretty chill in this area - and my top matches the chair #NotPlannedISwear

ok DJ's where you at!

cos i'm making myself entertained lol - waiting for DJ's between sets can be well entertaining!

Finally some Dj's yas it's Dirtcaps!!!

these boys were champs too

I also had someone special providing his own special entertainment whilst I patiently waited for moi Dj's to arrive

ok so this festival is called Electric LOVE people so you couldn't really blame us for well feelin the love

ok no kissing for the cameras

ok just a sneaky one

whadda man :)

ok I know what you'all thinkin - is this a smooch fest or a music festival lol - ok enough of the sweet kisses and back to the music :)

also pretty happy with our access all areas VIP passes

one of the best things is I didn't loose my hat!

after all that interviewing - ok and a little smooching in-between I am one tired but extremely happy journo tonight

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