Hungarian Festival Fashion

I wanted to give a colorful update to my Sziget Festival experience in Budapest where I interviewed the talents Romani Design.

I was also lucky enough to wear their beautiful designs and meet their head designer. It's a family run business and is truly inspiring!

Also I was pregnant when I did this interview and her gorgeous clothes still fit me perfectly :)

Check out the full interview here

Here I am in their vibrant designs

Some of my favourite looks from their latest collection:

Here is a little more info about Romani Design

Meet he designers here

“Fashion means to me what words mean for writers, colors for painters. Through my clothes I can express my identity and create a world in which I enjoy living.” – states designer Erika Varga, founder of Hungary’s first Roma design studio. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Roma traditional clothing of her own community, Erika sees her mission in creating bridges among cultures using fashion as a means to fight stereotypes.

In addition to designing a unique brand of clothing and accessories, Erika and Romani Design Studio is also dedicated to providing local education by hosting creative classes for disadvantaged children and editing and publishing Glinda, a Roma youth magazine.

To honor her social commitment and dedication, Erika Varga has been awarded the „Glamour Women of the Year” award in 2012. VARGA ERIKA

The unique handmade purses, bags and accessories complementing the Romani Design dresses are designed and crafted by Helena Varga. Drawing her inspiration from the years of educational and social field work carried out along with her sister in disadvantaged Roma communities and schools, Helena creates accessories reflecting authentic styles and forms of Roma traditions.

After immersing herself for a while in the art of crafting jewelry, her attention was drawn to working with different fabrics, textures and colors to design embroidered picturesque art bags. She loves to combine leather, textile, cashmere and silk with embroideries of intertwined boughs of red roses and other vivid flowers.

All of her bags and purses are handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind items.


So if you're looking for a truly authentic and vibrant festival outfit then defintiely check out Romani Design

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